Who are we

At ScubaHive, we are a diverse team of divers who want to make sure you love scuba diving as much as we do. Our team is spearheaded by Phil, a certified PADI professional and Emergency First Response (EFR) instructor who has been diving since the age of 20.

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What we do

We’re here to make dive planning easy; build a community of scuba divers and enthusiasts, foster user generated content and reviews (no bias!).

Yes, we are web-based, but we’re here to talk to you on your next dive adventure. We make personal suggestions and work with you to solve issues you may have. We have relationships with our network of operators, and we pride ourselves on friendly personalised service. Contact us or use the chat and talk to us today!

 Why we do it

For the love of diving of course! What’s more rewarding than supporting the industry we’re passionate about? 🙂

Our Approach

Discover Dive Locations

We constantly release info about amazing dive locations, starting with Malaysia, to help you uncover your next diving adventure. Plan and book your next trip with ease!

Tried and Tested Operators

Divers should not put up with rodent infestations, poorly maintained equipment and dodgy guides (we’ve been through it so you don’t have to!). Our feedback and review system is designed to enhance the quality of your dive adventure.

Seamless Experience

Just want free advice? Our team is happy to help. We get the best offers from our partners, and pass them on to you. Our transparent process will ensure your discovery and booking process is painless.

Got more questions? FAQ this!

How many dive locations do you cover?

We currently cover our home ground, Malaysia, which has so much to offer not to mention its undiscovered potential.

Are you going to cover locations beyond Malaysia?

In due course, yes we will. We plan to open up the world of scuba diving and making it easily assessable to the masses. Woo!

I would like to dive outside Malaysia, are you able to help?

Of course. We research and customise your dive plan so you don’t drown in information. Alternatively, you can check out our “What’s Bubbling” page to see trips and events organised by our partners. Convenience is just a click away!

But I'm not a scuba diver. I wanna be one. What do I do? How do I start? Where should I go?! HELP!

Relax. Breathe in… breathe ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuut…. Wasn’t hard was it? Consider that a quick tip to breathing underwater, and you’re already on your way to be a diver. The first stride is always the daunting part, just take it easy, don’t be shy and give us a nudge. We will guide you through this fulfilling new lifelong journey.

How far ahead should I plan my trip?

Seasonality varies from location to location; therefore it is advisable to book your trips at least a month (sometimes two to three months) in advance. However, we would always do our best to accommodate last minute requests.

Would I be charged any booking or "consultation" fee?

Absolutely none. We get the best offers from our partners, and pass them on to you.

Do you have a minimum or maximum number of divers you can accommodate?

Nope. We have planned trips and courses for solo divers up to groups of 10. Capacity depends entirely on the availability of our partner dive operators, and we will do our best to accommodate to requests regardless of size.

Do you help with visa arrangements and applications?

Sorry. We are effectively a scuba diving concierge, not a travel agent. For details on Malaysian visa requirements, please visit www.imi.gov.my

Do I need scuba diving insurance?

Most recreational divers dive without dive insurance (similar to going on vacation without travel insurance). Nonetheless, your safety is our priority. We are working on something exciting… watch this space!

Do you offer experiences for non-divers?

We work closely with our partners to ensure a trip will be fulfilling to both divers and non-divers alike. Do browse through our site for more information (psst: non-divers can try the discover scuba diving course for a quick (limited) scuba diving experience) 🙂

How do I know if the dive operator is legit?

Our partners go through an internal vetting process to ensure legitimacy.

How much should I budget for a trip or course?

Sky’s the limit to be frank… Prices ranges anything from RM399 (day trip) to RM1499 (for a course or 4D3N package) or even up to RM16,000 (half day private yacht charter), which depends on requirements, type of lodging (if any) and subject to availability including seasonality. But fret not, we work with our partners to ensure you get the best offers and experience.

What if my dive operator cancels on me?

We would never want this to happen to you. But in the rare event of a cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, we will do our best to suggest an alternative of a similar experience originally planned.

I don’t wanna dive with strangers. Can I have a boat all to myself and my buddies?

Of course this can be arranged on a best effort basis. But do note that most dive operators impose a surcharge on private boat charters and private guides.

Do you accommodate special requirements?

We do our best to working with our partners to ensure your requirements are met.

Have we got everything covered? If not, give us a nudge by contacting us here

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