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being a scuba diving woman looking out aquarium
Quick guide to be a scuba diver

Are you thinking of taking the plunge to be a scuba diver?

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diver with pointer
What you need to know: the humble pointer

Every new diver wants one, but do you know its intended use?

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female diver ok
6 common reasons your mask leaks

Troubleshooting mask leaks before chucking it away

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What do scuba divers and astronauts have in common?

One goes up, the other goes down. But wait, there's more than you'd think!

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Are snow-capped reefs a real phenomena?

Some say it's like winter underwater, so what exactly is going on?

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dive equipment
Dive Gear: How should I invest my money?

A recreational diver's guide to investing in your new underwater passion

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worn wooden jetty
Lives short-changed by rogue operators – when will it end?

"If something doesn't feel right... walk away, find alternatives."

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Wheelchair beach
Diving Beyond Boundaries

"No one is handicapped underwater... at the end of the day, we're all divers"

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