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Description :
Surrounded by the South China Sea, Brunei is tucked between Malaysia’s states of Sabah and Sarawak’s western coast and features over 20 dive sites which are largely shallow reefs rich with unexploited gardens of the marine world. Brunei’s coastline is also dotted with wreck sites including several artifacts from WWII.

Look beneath the surface of this well-ordered and tightly regulated sultanate and you’ll see the underlying warmth of Brunei’s people and the biodiversity of its oceans.

Number of dive sites :
Type of Diving :
Guided – boat, deep, drift, wreck
Skill Level :
Beginner to advanced
Main Diving Attraction :
Historical wrecks, and pristine coral reefs with a distinctive co-occurence of reef building corals, soft corals, and gorgonian sea fans.
Average Water Temperature :
25°C (77°F) to 28°C (82.4°F)
Seasonality :
All year round (Ideal months to go between March to October. Best times to visit according to locals is from mid-May to July when it is the driest)
Typical Visibility :
10m (32ft)
General Current Conditions :
Mild to strong
Family / Non-Diver Friendly :
Availability of Other Leisure Activities :
Snorkelling, various land tours – treckkig at Ulu Temburong National Park, going on the proboscis monkey river safari, visiting the world’s larges royal palace and water village.

&nbspAt A Glance

Tropical climate with average temperatures of around 28°C (82.4°Ffor most of the year. Rainfall occurs the heaviest between September and December.
Brunei Dollars (BND) which is on par with the Singapore Dollar (SGD), and widely accepted as equivalent exchange
240V, 50Hz
G (British three rectangular prong type)

&nbspGetting There

Primary route is by air to Brunei International Airport (IATA: BWN), located in the city area just 20 minutes by car to the coastal areas of Muara, Brunei.


Brunei Malay is the national language. Mandarin and English are also widely spoken.


Tipping is not customary in Brunei. However if you have the means to do so, it can be small token of thanks for good service which could brighten someone’s day.

&nbspScuba Cylinder Tank Valve


&nbspMeasurement System


&nbspVisa / Passport

Visitors must possess a valid passport for at least 6 months past your arrival date into Brunei. Entry will be refused to citizens of Israel. Details on visa regulations are available here (Brunei’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

&nbspGentle Reminder

True to its status as a hudud-enforced Muslim nation, Brunei is a dry country with no alcohol at all. As with dress codes, discreet, loose-fitting clothing that covers the shoulders and knees is appropriate. When in doubt, dress conservatively. Bruneian values are strongly influenced by Islam, some courtesy to observe include the following:
• Remove shoes before entering mosques
• Do not pass in front of people in prayers
• Do not touch the Qu’ran
• Food and gifts to be passed with the right hand

&nbspWord Of Caution

Brunei treats drug offences extremely severely which carried a mandatory death penalty for trafficking and even posession of small amounts of drugs. You can also be charged for unauthorised consumption as long as traces of illicit drugs are found in your system.

&nbspCredit Cards

VISA and Mastercard are widely accepted in commercial areas and supermarkets. Some establishements however may impose a minimum spending limitation.

&nbspWorking Days

Brunei has a non-contiguous working week consisting of Monday to Thursday and Saturday. The rest days are Friday and Saturday. By law, everything is closed on Friday from 12noon to 2pm for Friday prayers. Most shopping centres are open daily from 10am to 10pm.

&nbspBanking Hours

Banks generally open from 9am to 3pm on weekdays and 9am to 11am on Saturdays. Some bank branches open daily until late with ATMs and foreign exchange services. Kindly check the websites of the relevant banks for details on operating hours and rest days.

&nbspDecompression Chamber Hotline

Labuan Recompression Chamber :
+6087 412 122
24hr Dive Medical Helpline :
+673 277 1778
Royal Brunei Navy Hotline :
+673 277 5143/5000

&nbspEmergency Numbers

Police :
993 (Landline)
Ambulance :
991 (Landline)
Search&Rescue :
998 (Landline)

Note: It is always advisable to have the telephone number and the address of your embassy or consulate with you.

Here are some of our favorite dive sites 🙂
Brunei Patches :
• Maximum depth: 15m
• Currents: Mild to moderate
A favorite amongst the local divers due to its marine life and relaxed dive to which most have likened the reefscape to the Carribean. Here, you will find a mixture of hard and soft corals sheltering a society of marine life. Expect to see schools of yellow-striped caesio, stingrays, nurse sharks, squids, and even moray eels.
Rig Reef :
• Maximum depth: 16m
• Currents: Mild to moderate
Decommissioned oil rig jackets approximately 50m long were placed on the seabed to foster marine life. The result – A breathtaking view of soft corals, sponges, feather stars, where reef fish can be found in abundance. Groupers, snappers, barracudas, sweetlips, and school of jacks are among the residents here.
Bolkiah Wreck :
• Maximum depth: 25m
• Currents: Moderate
This wreck lies at a depth of around 20m. A ruling that no vessel bearing the Brunei royal name can be sold for scrap, this passenger ship was scuttled by the Brunei Royal Navy in 1992. It is now a cozy dwelling for large residents of lionfish, visiting groupers, barracudas, frogfish, moray eels and lobsters.
Yuho Maru :
• Maximum depth: 55m
• Currents: Moderate to strong
This site is best left to experienced technical divers due to its depth. Well known to local fishermen for decades, she was a Japanese wartime tanker that sank in 1944 after being hit by a torpedo from an American submarine. Those that dived here often make repetitive dives due to its stunning views of massive marine life, and often being greeted by schools of barracudas and large lionfish.
Littledale Shoal :
• Maximum depth: 20m
• Currents: Mild to moderate
This little gem of a site attracts a good variety of reef fishes. Dive into the thriving community of fusiliers, snappers, sea perch, trevally, and the occasional stingray and moray eel. If you’re lucky, you may be treated to passing whale sharks and manta rays!
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If you are looking to travel to Brunei, you are inevitably looking for a weather forecast. So here’s a forecast for the next 7 days. Although weather forecasts are not always accurate with ever-changing weather patterns, it does provide a good guess on what’s to come. Every little bit helps! 😀



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