Lankayan Island

Dive Map Lankayan Island Sandakan Sabah

Lankayan Island Sandakan Sabah

Description :
Lankayan is an unforgettable gem offering a fascinating array of diving opportunities in a small area. Located just 90minutes from the Northeast Sabah town of Sandakan, Lankayan quite possible offers the best chance of spotting whale sharks in Malaysia. The best time to see these gentle giants is between March and May. Otherwise you will have to be content with the ogling bamboo sharks, mandarin fish, mimic octopus, porcelain crabs, schooling reef fish, and a WWII wreck.

In 2001, the government has declared Lankayan a protected marine park whereby fishing is prohibited. The local marine police, Wildlife Department of Sabah, and Reef Guardians work hard to protect the reefs and combat poachers. As part of the Turtle Corridor, Lankayan is also a regular stop for green and hawksbill turtles.

Where is it :
Sandakan, Sabah
Number of dive sites :
Type of Diving :
Guided – boat, deep, wreck, night
Skill Level :
Beginner to advanced
Main Diving Attraction :
Macro life (nudibranchs, boxer shrimps, saw blade shrimps, frog fish, seahorses, decorator crabs), healthy coral reefs, and wreck diving (home to giant groupers, turtles and jacks)

* Insider tip: Sometimes whale sharks do make a visit to Lankayan Island between March to May. Whereas the turtles will typically come between June to September to nest, and you just see turtle hatchlings during these times.

Average Water Temperature :
29°C (84.2°F) to 31°C (87.8°F)
Seasonality :
All year round
Typical Visibility :
5m (16ft) to 15m (49ft)
General Current Conditions :
Family / Non-Diver Friendly :
Availability of Other Leisure Activities :
Snorkelling, sea kayak, and watching turtle hatching

* Lankayan Island is a nesting site for Green and Hawksbill turtles (typically from June to September)

Availability of ATM / Foreign Exchange Bureau :
Availability of Medical Facility :
Here are some of our favorite dive sites 🙂
Jawfish Lair :
• Maximum depth: 28m
• Currents: Mild to moderate
Dive into robust staghorn corals, fine table corals, bush corals, lobed pore corals covered with christmas tree worms. These are just a handful of the varied corals to which the reef life calls home. Here you will see our big-mouth friend, the jawfish, poking out of the sandy seabed, and if you’re lucky, you may just see it with a mouthful of eggs. Rays and leopard sharks may also be found resting in the sand, and you may often find mimic octopuses too!
Mosquito Wreck :
• Maximum depth: 25m
• Currents: Moderate
This wreck was once part of Japan’s WWII Mosquito Fleet, with its bow gun intact to other interesting parts of its original cargo. The site is now home to jacks and barracudas, plenty of tropical grouper species with the occasional manta ray or even whale shark, if you’re lucky.
Pegaso Reef :
• Maximum depth: 22m
• Currents: Mild
Probably the ideal dive spot if you’re looking for a relaxing dive with plenty of marine life to see. Giant clams and mollusks are abundant around the reef. Diving here, you are likely to be surrounded by jacks often dashing close to the reef in search for food, along with the countless number of fusiliers zipping up and down the reef. Look at little further away from the reef, and you may just spot the blacktip shark roaming the area on patrol.
Nearest Jetty :
Sandakan Yacht Club Jetty
Address :
Jalan Buli Sim Sim, 90000, Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
* Approximately 1.5hrs to 2hrs boat ride to Lankayan Island
Nearest Airport :
Sandakan Airport (IATA: SDK)
Estimated Travel Time from Sandakan Airport :
20 mins (by car), with average one way taxi fares of ~RM30

Price reference based on 4D3N packages

  • Sandakan, Sabah

    Lankayan Island Resort

    Packages from RM4,370

    One exquisite resort on a tiny jewel-like island, making this an ideal destination if you are seeking tranquility and relaxation in a virgin natural setting.

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