Sembilan Island

Dive Map Sembilan Island Pangkor Lumut Perak Malaysia

Sembilan Island Pangkor Lumut Perak Malaysia

Description :
Sembilan Island is an archipelago comprising nine uninhabited islands along the Strait of Malacca which is a fishing haven frequented by anglers. The island is not (yet) a popular dive destination as it cannot boast of the white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters. However, if you want to experience diving the emerald waters and getting a taste of muck diving, Sembilan Island might just be right up your alley. What’s more, it’s not affected by the monsoon and therefore diving is available all year round. The island boasts rich marine life such as skunk clownfish, golden trevally, angelfish, porcupinefish, razorfish, moray eels, and it’s one of the few places in Malaysia where you can find seahorses of all shapes and sizes including the pygmy seahorse.

A word of caution – Amateur divers may be better off selecting a clear sunny day when diving Sembilan Island as currents here can get strong especially during full/new moon phases, which makes it for a challenging but exhilarating drift dive. Nonetheless, the island is recommended if you wish to extend your scuba diving experience and getting put through your paces under the guidance of the right crew.

Being accessible from the mainland of Lumut and only 10 minutes away from nearby towns of Sitiawan and Manjung, you will have plenty of food and accommodation options. Also, the area is not affected by the yearly monsoon season which means diving all year round!

Where is it :
Lumut, Perak, Peninsular Malaysia
Number of dive sites :
Type of Diving :
Guided – boat, deep, drift diving
Skill Level :
Intermediate to advanced
Main Diving Attraction :
Seahorses, schooling tropical fishes (barracudas, batfish, trevally), mimic octopus.
Average Water Temperature :
27°C (80.6°F) to 32°C (89.6°F)
Seasonality :
All year round

* Insider tip: Avoid going during the “Nine Emperor Gods Festival” (9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar) due to ‘customary’ raining weather.

Typical Visibility :
5m (16ft) to 15m (49ft)
General Current Conditions :
Mild to strong
Family / Non-Diver Friendly :
Availability of Other Leisure Activities :
Snorkelling, fishing.
Availability of ATM / Foreign Exchange Bureau :
Yes (located on mainland)
Availability of Medical Facility :
Yes (located on mainland)
Here are some of our favorite dive sites 🙂
Rumbia :
• Maximum depth: 20m
• Currents: Mild
Rumbia is all about muck diving, searching for critters along the sandy bottom where you tend to find the amazing mimic octopus, seahorses, and nudibranchs. In the shallow waters, you may find juvenile bamboo sharks sleeping under rocks which are encrusted with vibrant soft corals.
White Rock :
• Maximum depth: 30m
• Currents: Moderate to strong
Arguably one of Sembilan’s best dive site with an abundance of marine life fringed by a variety of tube corals, whip corals, and barrel sponges. Seahorses are common sightings, along with juvenile boxfish, scorpion fish, moral eels. The big fish tends to be schools of chevron barracudas, the solitary great barracuda, blue-ringed angelfish, and golden trevallies. Diving here is best left to those with experience, as currents can get strong here sometimes.
Black Rock :
• Maximum depth: 30m
• Currents: Moderate to strong
As you descend you will see why the site is named Black Rock – the beautiful black corals at along the slope makes the water appears to be black. Daunting at first, but an absolute thrill as this site plays host to the larger schools of fishes due to its currents. You will often find schools of queenfish, trevallies, batfish, moorish idols, long finned bannerfish, and its the ideal site to increase your chances of seeing turtles. Diving here is best left to experienced divers as the currents vary, from whirlpools to down currents. So keep an eye on your dive guide, buddy, and depth gauge at all times, and enjoy the ride.
Saga :
• Maximum depth: 24m
• Currents: Mild to moderate
A gentle slope that plays host to anemones which is home to “nemo”. Sightings of seahorses are common, and a variety of nudibranch. It’s also a good spot to find juvenile yellow boxfish, and juvenile blue ringed angelfish.
Nipis :
• Maximum depth: 18m
• Currents: Mild to moderate
If you like nudis, Nipis it is! Here you will find an array of these colorful creatures. The shallow areas are filled with staghorn corals which is a playground to butterfly fish, moorish idols, long finned bannerfish, and blue-ringed angelfish.
Nearest Jetty :
Marina Island Jetty Terminal
* Approximately 30mins boat ride to Sembilan Island
Address :
Marina Island, 32200, Perak, Malaysia
Nearest Airport :
Sultan Azlan Shah (Ipoh) Airport (IATA: IPH)
Estimated Travel Time from Ipoh Airport :
1hr 45mins (by car)
Estimated Travel Time from Kuala Lumpur :
3.5hrs (by car), or 4.5hrs (by bus – average one-way fare: ~RM30)

Price reference based on 4D3N diving packages

  • Lumut, Perak

    Quiver Lumut

    Packages from RM1,570

    Dive Sembilan Island with a multi-award-winning team and Malaysia’s first PADI 5 Star CDC. You are sure to get great fun, great service, and top quality professional guidance.

  • If you are looking to travel to Lumut, you are inevitably looking for a weather forecast. So here’s a forecast for the next 7 days. Although weather forecasts are not always accurate with ever-changing weather patterns, it does provide a good guess on what’s to come. Every little bit helps! 😀



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